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IR35 - Organisations need to be ready for the April change to off-payroll workers

February 27, 2020

Rarely has a piece of legislation caused such a backlash from the business and contractor community as IR35 (Off-payroll Working Rules), an anti-tax avoidance rule that applies to all contractors and freelancers who do not fall under HM Revenue & Customs’ definition of being self-employed. From April 2020, every medium and large private sector business in the UK will become responsible for setting the tax status – or IR35 – of any contract worker they use, as is already the case in the public sector. The test for employment status has always been a complex area and this change will oblige organisations to consider all their contracts in a new light to avoid being liable for hefty tax bills. In this podcast, we are joined by Sali Owens from Hugh James’ Employment and HR Services team to unpick the complexities and reveal the real impact of these changes.

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